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March 6th, 2006

We've been TechCrunched!

March 6th, 2006, 14:25

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Well, sort of. No, the site hasn't gone down or anything like that, but at some points, updating a cloud might have seemed to take forever. Here's why and what are we going to do about it right away.

If you read my previous post I mentioned the two content analysis tools we use with ZoomClouds to extract relevant terms: Yahoo's and ours. I also mentioned that for user-generated updates (like when you build a cloud for the very first time) we only rely on Yahoo's content analysis API mainly because it's a lot faster, leaving our homemade content analysis tool for the behind-the-scenes updates.

But as I also mentioned, Yahoo currently has a 5,000 calls limit for every 24 hours, and when that limit is reached, we have no choice but to use our - not worst but a lot slower - content analysis tool. And that's exactly what happened today. We reached the 5,000 calls limit rather quickly and ZoomClouds started to use our tool instead, resulting in some clouds taking well over a minute, sometimes even two, to get completely analyzed and built for the very first time.

That is not acceptable. So we went back to the drawing board and tried to come up with a way that, without giving up functionality at all, would do the processing a lot faster. And after some time brainstorming and scratching our heads, I think we've got it. Now we'll be working in developing, testing and implementing this new approach, and I expect to have it live-to-site within 24 hours. If it actually turns out to be really efficient, we might even include it on each and every update, whether it's user generated or not. I'll keep you posted!

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