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I entered my blog's URL but then I got an error

February 26th, 2006, 17:50

By in FAQ
That's expected.

When you're asked to enter the URL, you're not supposed to enter your blog's  URL, but your blog's feed URL, more specifically your blog's RSS or Atom feed URL.

These are the only two formats so far understood by ZoomClouds: RSS and Atom. If you enter a URL that is not a RSS/Atom feed, you will most certainly get an error. Nowadays virtually all blogging platforms offer  RSS or Atom syndication feeds (or both), so if you're not sure what your feed URL is, check with the support team at whatever place you're hosting your blog, or if you're using some particular software, check the software's documentation.

For example, if your blog is in and the blog URL is , then the feed URL (the one you need to give to ZoomClouds) is

If you have a blog with, and the blog URL is , then the feed URL is

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