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I just placed a cloud at my site but some tags aren't as relevant as I was hoping they'd be

February 27th, 2006, 0:58

By in FAQ
It's not unusual to see ZoomClouds at the very beginning not selecting the very best results you'd expect. It's not normal to see virtually all results to be completely out of focus either, but to find a few terms that make you go "ok that shouldn't be there" is not a very rare occurrence. It is something that will self-correct within a short period of time, and it has a very logical explanation, due to several reasons:

  • At first, ZoomClouds will analyze the content it finds in your RSS feed, which will likely only include your last 10-15 posts. As you write more articles, ZoomClouds will have more content to analyze so when it has to calculate what the most relevant terms are from new content, the results will be more accurate.

  • Even more important is that ZoomClouds doesn't just analyze what's in your feed and accumulates the data, but in fact, when it has to analyze new content, it remembers the results of all of its previous analysis and takes that knowledge into account when it comes to determine what's relevant and what's not. You could say - in fact, you can say - that ZoomClouds becomes smarter and sharper as it finds new content from you.

  • One important detail is that when ZoomClouds analyzes new content for your cloud, not only it takes into account the results from analyzing past content from you, but it also takes advantage of anything else it has learned from other blogs, so in general terms, the intelligence ZoomClouds acquires from each and every feed is later applied as it analyzes new content for each and every cloud.

  • And last, how could you have a great content analysis system without some human touch? When you look at the results from analyzing your feeds, you can make those results even better by defining not only unwanted terms (terms you don't want to see in your cloud no matter what) but also wanted terms, that is, terms ZoomClouds apparently missed but that you find them to be relevant. It is obvious that when you enter these wanted or unwanted terms, not only you're helping ZoomClouds to better analyze your content, but you also help ZoomClouds in general terms to better analyze future content.

Therefore, if you just created a cloud and you're not completely happy with the results, it's just a matter of time - hopefully not long - until your cloud starts to show much more relevant results.

Hint: If all you do is create your cloud but do not place it anywhere, ZoomClouds will not learn much from your content. That's because ZoomClouds doesn't just update your cloud periodically simply because you created it, but it needs to see that your cloud is also being shown to people. Just one visit a day will do. If you don't place the cloud anywhere, ZoomClouds will think "well, nobody's visiting this page, so why should I update the cloud?". You can of course come to your ZoomClouds account and update it manually every day, but it's much better - and convenient - to simply place your cloud and let the magic happen behind the scenes. This may change in the future, but for now, that's how it works.

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