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Keeping track of clicks on your clouds

March 9th, 2006, 4:37

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Starting right now, ZoomClouds is also keeping track of clicks made on each and every tag in each and every cloud.

Now, we have not prepared yet the pages where you can see how many clicks is your cloud getting, so don't look for them yet,  but we will be implementing them soon and expect to have it "live" early next week.

When that's done - and we'll announce it right here - you'll be able to see things like:

  • How many people are clicking on tags in your clouds, with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports.
  • How many clicks any given tag is getting, as well as a list of "most clicked tags".
  • From what countries these clicks are coming.
  • Whether the click comes from a human or a robot or spider (or we might simply exclude robots and spiders from the reports, we're still thinking about this).

And perhaps a few more details.

ZoomClouds does not use cookies or any other method to track personal information when people click on the tags. The only information that's collected is:

  • The cloud and tag (obviously) that gets the click.
  • The IP from where the click is made. This is used only to figure out the country from where the click is made. We will not disclose IP addresses.
  • The country from where the click is made.
  • And the time and date when the click was made.

And that's it! Now, our approach to ZoomClouds is to keep it simple, but we just could not stop from offering this feature, as we believe it makes a lot of sense, and we hope it will help you see how and how often your cloud is being used.

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