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How many days does my cloud cover the moment I create it?: Comments

Posted by David Ocker (Contact, Page)
Date: March 16th, 2006, 0:10

Just installed Zoom Clouds on my blog. This issue - of ZoomClouds not being able to see very far into the recent past - is my biggest disappointment. Possibly my only dissapointment. It means that the cloud won't really be of much use for quite a while.

In spite of that, thanks very much for a cool tool.


Posted by RBA (Contact, Page)
Date: March 16th, 2006, 0:15

David, the truth is that ZoomClouds will see as far as the content of the very first RSS goes. I know some people who have prepared a special feed URL where they could fetch not only the last 10-15 articles, but the last 500. Obviously such feed would take longer to process, but once it's done, well, it's done.

Of course, not everyone has the ability to prepare such feed and not all blogging or feed services allow you to create a feed that looks way back, but for those who can do it, I strongly recommend it.


Posted by David Ocker (Contact, Page)
Date: March 16th, 2006, 4:18

Hey, thanks. I actually figured something similar myself - so the frustration of my initial was short lived. (Apologies)

On Blogger I changed the number of posts to display to maximum. There are 140 some posts on Mixed Meters since I started. Then I checked the feed (the Blogger atom feed) and it had picked up most of them - just over a hundred or so. Next I updated Zoom Clouds and I'm getting a list infinitely more relevant than the original one.

If I switch Zoom Clouds from the Atom feed to Feedburner feed and pull the same stunt will I get those oldest thirty-some posts? In other words, can you say whether some feeds show more than others?



Posted by RBA (Contact, Page)
Date: March 17th, 2006, 1:37

I would advise against applying a different feed to a cloud you've already applied a feed. Usually ZoomClouds does a good job recognizing already processed posts, but if different feeds use different URLs for the post titles or permalinks, you'd in fact be reprocessing the same posts without ZoomClouds actually knowing they're in fact already processed posts.

And definitely different feeds may show a different amount of posts. However remember that ZoomClouds will not discart previously processed posts, so if you first used a feed with the last 150 posts, then you change to a feed with the last 15 posts, the info from the previous 150 posts is still taken into account.


Posted by DaniGirl (Contact, Page)
Date: June 12th, 2007, 5:43

I installed the Zoom Cloud about a year ago, but notice that it has stopped picking up references to common words from my recent posts. In fact, the most recent reference to my son's name is from October, even though I mention him every couple of days. Is there a maximum number of references it holds?


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